About us

For 38 years Kim Courtenay has worked as a horticulturalist in the Kimberley and Top End of the Northern Territory, creating gardens and setting up bush food plantations. For much of that time he has worked with traditional elder Merridoo Walbidi, the inspiration for this book.

Born deep in the Great Sandy Desert in the early 1950's, Merridoo Walbidi's sentiment that "Our cultures must walk together to make a better world for everyone", invites all Australians to embrace and celebrate our Indigenous heritage as their own. 

Merridoo says, "This story shows that people can work together and that we can do something in return for what the land gives us. I came from the country, I'm laying a story ahead of me about caring for the land, family and each other. Aboriginal culture is for everybody". 

Savannah Enrichment

The book introduces a new concept in agriculture for the arid-tropics termed Savannah Enrichment. Combining traditional burning techniques with modern agronomy, Savannah Enrichment is a cultivation system being developed for high value indigenous plants that preserves and enhances natural biodiversity. Applied on a grand scale it has potential to transform vast tracks on regularly burnt Savannah into productive woodlands and forests - achieving direct action on climate change.